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Manufactured to high British standards.
Pressure Pipe Plain Male To Female Thread.
Fits pressure pipe.
Ideal for pond filtration.
Pressure pipe and fittings are produced to a high quality.
High strength and impact resistance.
Suitable for use in Gardens, koi fish ponds, swimming pools, spas etc.
PVC Pressure Pipework comes supplied in range of imperial sizes and is designed to withstand high pressure, making it the number 1 choice for bottom drains and pressure lines.

  • Use Pressure Pipe in conjunction with Solvent Cement to provide a strong, permanent set up.
  • Premium imperial PVC pipework and fittings manufactured to high standards.
  • Provides a female BSP threaded connection to a plain female pressure pipe connection.
  • Secure with Solvent Cement for a strong permanent connection.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • WeightN/A

    Plain Male – Female Thread 1.5"-1.5", Plain Male – Female Thread 2"-2"


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