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These are ideal for use before or after equipment eg pumps UV units heaters etc so they can easily be disconnected for safer maintenance also can be used to adjust the water flow of water to filters etc.

Manufactured in black ABS standard, a ball valve will control a flow of water in ponds.

Its high visibility yellow handle enables “at a glance” information as to its open/closed position.

Designed for use on pond filters on inlet and outlet pipework and much more.

1.5″ Ball Valve

Fits 1.5″ (43mm) solvent weld pipe internally and 50mm pipe externally

2″ – 3″ Ball Valve

Fits 2″ (56mm) or 3″ solvent weld pipe at either end (2″ fits inside, 3″ solvent weld fits over the outside). Can be used as a 2″ ball valve, a 3″ ball valve or a 3″ to 2″ reducer with integral ball valve.

One of the most useful ways of controlling your water flow’s, also enables you to isolate pumps etc for removal.


1.5", 2"


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