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Kintama Gold Bio Balls is a highly effective bio filter media from the pond experts at Kockney Koi.

Kintama Gold has an incredibly high surface area, much higher than similar, comparative products available on the market.

This biological filter media has an incredibly high capacity for holding beneficial bacteria. This helps prevent growth of algae and helps stabilise PH levels.

Kockney Koi Bio Medias are suitable for adding to standard biological filters and can dramatically increase your filter’s efficiency and ability to hold increased levels of beneficial bacteria.

This high level of bacterial mass can help rapidly reduce harmful levels of ammonia and nitrite in ponds and other aquatic setups.

Kockney Koi Kintama Gold Bio Balls vary in size from approximately 20mm-22mm in diameter and are suitable for all types of aquatic installations including aquariums, ponds and marine setups.

Kintama Gold Bio Balls Filter Media can be retro-fitted to existing filter systems to enhance their performance and is easily one of the best medias currently on the market.

  • Highly effective bio filter media
  • Approx. media size: 20mm- 22mm
  • Suitable for all types of aquatic installations
  • Extremely large surface area
  • Increase your filters bacterial capacity
  • Ammonia & Nitrogen removal
  • Available in 3 sizes; 10Ltr (5kg), 25Ltr 12.5kg) & 20kg

10 litres, 20kg, 25 litres


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