Impermax Humidity Primer 5kg

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10 in stock


It is not recommended to apply Impermax Aqua membrane directly on surfaces which may contain moisture or on damp surfaces, or humidity content, either on the surface or trapped underneath.

Humidity creates two important problems in treatments:

  • Lack of adhesion.
  • The appearance of blisters in the surface of the finished membrane (due to the vapour pressure generated as the area is exposed to sunlight, which creates bubbles and deforms the elastic material).

In case of damp surfaces, or if there is suspicion of humidity, it is imperative to pre-treat the area with Impermax Humidity Primer.

The quantity of Impermax Humidity Primer should be approx., 200 to 300 grams per square meter.

It is recommended to use Humidity Primer in most situations. Impermax can be applied even in cases of low temperatures (< 5ºC) and high relative humidity’s, obtaining very short cure times in combination with our PUR Cat additive.

5 kg is sufficient for approx. 16.6 m²

Weight5.5 kg


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