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Aquajet Air Venturi

These Venturi simply connect on the inside of the koi pond inlet on the return to the pond, and as the water is pumped back to the koi pond it is passed through the Venturi which also draws in air from the atmosphere as it passes through.

There are two funnels supplied with the kit a small one and a large one.

Depending on the output of the pump one of these is just pushed into the rear of the main body of the venturi.

A simple but very effective way of increasing the oxygen levels in your koi pond or pumped filter system.

Can be fitted in to a 1½ waste socket.

The  aquajet clear comes supplied with two unions as shown in the picture.

The black is the budget type and does not come with the two unions.

Can be fitted in any pumped line.

It will NOT work in a gravity fed line.


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